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Radjinder is a retropop/rock band consisting of:

Erwin Radjinder (vocals)

Joey van den Boom (keyboard, vocals)

Martijn Teuchies (guitar)

Rakendra Smit (bass, vocals)

and Matthijs de Ridder (drums)

The band was started by singer/songwriter/producer Erwin Radjinder in the fall of 2002.
In 2003 the band performed at a.o. Westerpop, Tros muziekcafe (Radio2) and Menno Buch's Nightclub (Veronica-TV). They scored a minor hit (#91 in the Mega Top 100) with Nice & easy, the third single of their first album Just another millionaire
During 2005 the band released two new singles (Plastic World and Jules & Romeo) and the DVD-mini-album Homogenous
In 2007 their second album The World was released.